Mason Blend

Appleridge Stone has a concept in the manufactured stone industry called the “Mason Blend Program.”  The Mason Blend Program offers individual boxes of special color-accented stones to be blended on the job with Appleridge standard color blends and laying patterns. These special “blend boxes” of stone will be produced in standard Appleridge Stone color blends and laying patterns, however, each stone in a blend box will have one added accent color. Blend boxes can be ordered in any of four choices of added colors – Burgundy, Emerald, Royal or Wine. 

Color Choices: By blending any combination of one to four special accent colors into the standard Appleridge color-blends and laying patterns, the Installer can create dramatically different looks. Also, by choosing the ratio of blend stones to standard color-blend stones, an even greater variety of literally hundreds of looks can be achieved.

Creativity: The Appleridge Mason Blend Program is user-friendly.  In an ideal situation, the exterior accent stone becomes the “catalyst” that ties the colors and architectural shapes together for a pleasing, warm, and inviting look. These colors can give accents to tie in existing colors of the building, such as shutters, metal roofing, etc.  Color-coordinating paint and interior furnishings becomes easier when the stone color-blend can be “tweaked” a little for the desired effect. 

These are just a few of the many choices of color blends that can be achieved with the Appleridge Stone Mason Blend Program

Move your mouse over the stone swatches to remove their Mason Blend accent colors and watch how they change!