Stone Patterns and Colors

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COBBLESTONE:  All squares and rectangles including a few Ledgestones. Laid in a basic horizontal pattern. Stones that are twice as long as they are wide should not be laid vertically. Avoid long, continuous mortar joint, both vertical and horizontal by altering size of stones. Largest stone 9.75”x12”, smallest stones 4.5”x4.5” & 2.75”x6.75”

FIELDSTONE:  Pattern has about 75% Flagstone, with the balance of stone being small Cobblestone, Riverstone and Ledgestone. Rectangular stones and large Flagstones with straight lines are laid horizontally. This pattern is a “rustic” look. Largest stone 14”x12”, smallest stone 2”x4”

FLAGSTONE:  Relatively flat, angular stones. Stones lay without regard to any specific pattern. Largest stone 14”x12”, smallest stone 2”x4”

LEDGESTONE:  Long, narrow rectangular stones. Laid in a very tight pattern without mortar joints (drystack). Horizontal laying pattern. Largest stone 4”x14.5”, smallest stones 1”x6” & 2”x4.5”

RIDGESTONE:  A “weathered” and “rustic” look. Elongated stones, some of which are rectangular, some irregular and pointed and some irregular and flat like small Flagstones. It can be laid with or without a mortar joint. Largest stones 5.76”x16.5” & 11”x9”, smallest stones .5”x7” & .75”x4”


Combine stock laying patterns to create your own patterns. 

Manor House: Combine 50% Ridgestone and 50% Fieldstone.

Modified Cobblestone: About 80% Cobblestone and 20% Flagstone.

Modified Ledgestone: Use about 80% Ledgestone and 20% Flagstone


Mason Blend/Custom Coloring

Mason Blend/Custom Coloring 

Mason Blend/Custom Coloring 

Mason Blend/Custom Coloring 

Mason Blend/Custom Coloring 

Mason Blend/Custom Coloring 

Mason Blend/Custom Coloring 









CASTLESTONE:  The basic Cobblestone pattern, with some very large pieces included. It is installed the same way as Cobblestone. Largest stone 10”x19”, smallest stone 4.5”x4.5”

DRYFIT CASTLE:  This pattern is similar to our standard Castle pattern with more precise rectangular shapes. The pattern is installed without a mortar joint. Largest stone 11.5”x15”, smallest stone 3.5”x3.5”
RIVERSTONE:  Worn, round shapes. Laid relatively tight to avoid large triangular joints. Pattern contains some pointed shapes to help fill triangular areas.  Largest stone 10”x14”, smallest stone 1”x3”

TEXTURED LEDGESTONE:  Similar to our standard Ledgestone pattern, the pattern consist of stones with more depth and dimension. Larget stone 4”x14.5”, smallest stones 1”x6” & 2”x4.5”

RIDGESTONE DRYSTACK:  Ridgestone without a mortar joint. Largest stones 5.76”x16.5” & 11”x9”, smallest stones .5”x7” & .75”x4”
Coverage is calculated WITH a mortar joint, therefore the user should order about 15%  more stone when installing as a drystack.





Cobblestone and Ledgestone may be combined and installed with or without a mortar join.

Fieldstone and Riverstone may be combined for a more rustic look.   Same with Ridgestone and Textured Ledgestone together.











1.      BUFF – Base color comprises of 50% of the blend. This is a light tan color. Highlight colors make up the balance of the blend: medium brown, dark brown, rust brown, charcoal gray.

2.      GRAY – Three base colors are used in the blend: light gray, medium gray and blue gray. Three additional shades of gray are used as highlight color in addition to small amounts of muted chocolate brown.



3.      APPLEBLEND – Is a term we like to use to combine boxes of gray stones and boxes of buff stones. User blends the stones on the job.

4.      AUTUMNBLEND – A darker, richer brown coloring with a more concentrated blend of medium, dark, and rust brown complimented with a charcoal gray.



5.      ORCHARD – Is the Buff color with more dark brown and charcoal gray stones.

6.      APPLE BLOSSOM – An off-white color on a white base.



7.      APPLEWOOD – A variegated mixture of dark brown and blacks on a buff base.

8.      BLACK FOREST – Is a dark gray on a buff base.




9.      GINGER GOLD – Yellow stones ranging the spectrum from light to a rich dark yellow along with buff stones containing burgundy and light brown highlight, light gray stones with yellow highlights.

10.   APPLE CIDER – A blend of variegated charcoal and light brown stones on a buff base.




11.   CRANAPPLE – This blend is a combination of yellow, wine, dark brown and tan colors on a buff base as well as light gray stones with hint of yellow a highlights.

12.   DARK GRAY – Our gray blend with black highlights.


MASON BLEND – Special ‘blend boxes’ of stone are made in the standard laying patterns and color blends. The installer spaces these highlights throughout the job in whatever ratio is desired.

                                Emerald    Royal

                                Wine        Burgundy