How Much Do I Need?


Measure the total surface area to be covered:
  • Width x height  =  square footage
  • Deduct for doors and windows…
For outside corners (a linear foot of corner stone works out to be 1 square foot):
  • Measure the linear footage (height)
Therefore you would calculate as follows:
  • If total job is 400 square feet (including 60 linear feet of corners) you would order 340 square feet of FLAT stones and 60 feet of CORNER stones.


WIRE LATH (not necessary if going over unpainted or unsealed block or brick):

  • Use same square footage measurement you used for FLAT stone. (Do not deduct for corners.)
  • One sheet of wire lath covers 18 square feet (27” x 8’).
  • Install smooth down, rough up. Install horizontally 6” nailing pattern, nail securely on studs 4”.
  • Be sure to wrap lath around corners (do NOT butt lath to a corner).
  • You will need about 3 bags (80# each) of mortar for every 100 square feet of stone.
  • 3 Bags (50# each) per 1 bag mortar

Mix Ratio – 3 part mortar / 4 part sand.  Add enough water to blend to a creamy, paste-like mixture.


  • Needed if going over wood, plaster board, etc.  It keeps the water from leaching out of the mortar too fast.  15# felt paper can be found at your local lumberyard.
  • One bag lasts quite a while if taken care of.  Rinse out after each use.