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Flagstone: These are relatively flat, angular stones. Our largest stones appear in this laying pattern. Stones are laid without regard to any specific pattern.

Cobblestone: This stone laying pattern consists of all squares and rectangles, including a few Ledgestones. Cobblestone should be laid in a basic “horizontal” pattern.  No stone that is more than twice as long as it is wide should be laid vertically. To avoid long continuous mortar joints, both vertical and horizontal, stone size should be altered.

Ledgestone: Ledgestone are long, narrow, rectangular stones. They are laid in a very tight horizontal laying pattern without mortar joints, (stone against stone).

Modified Ledgestone: This is the basic Ledgestone laying pattern with the addition of small to medium sized angular Flagstone pieces.  As with Ledgestone, this is a tight laying pattern without mortar joints.

Riverstone: Riverstone is worn, round shapes.  They are laid relatively tight to avoid large triangular joints.  The stone pattern contains some pointed shapes to help fill in triangular areas.

Fieldstone: This pattern has about 80% Flagstone, with the balance of stone being Cobblestone, Riverstone, and Ledgestone.  Rectangular stones and large Flagstones with straight lines are laid horizontally.  The gives the”rustic” look.  Fieldstone is the typical foundation wall laying pattern.

Ridgstone: Ridgstone is best described as a “weathered” look or “rustic look”.  Elongated stones, some of which are rectangular, some irregular and flat like small Flagstones make up the pattern.  Ridgstone can be laid with or without a mortar joint.  Coverage is calculated “with” a mortar joint, therefore the user should order about 15% more stone if it is to be installed with the “dry stack” (without joint) method.

Castle: This is the basic Cobblestone pattern, with some very large pieces included.  The stone pattern is installed the same way as Cobblestone.

Modified Cobblestone: This pattern has about 80% Cobblestone and 20% Flagstone.  Outside corners, door and window frames are done in Cobblestone.  An occasional Flagstone is laid in the body of the pattern.  Additional Flagstones are fitted to that stone’s angles until the pattern returns to verticals and horizontals. Cobblestone and Flagstone are boxed separately and must be blended on the job.

Manor House:  The Manor House stone laying pattern has about 50% Ridgestone and 50% Fieldstone.  The Ridgestone and Fieldstone are boxed separately and must be blended on the job.

Below are previews of the popular Stone Patterns


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